Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Week Of New Beginnings

New beginnings were cropping up all over this week! Not only was I forced to bring this whole contraption into brand-spanking new life, but both The Voice of Free Planet X and Comrade Cockroach Adventures had little restarts of their own.


Comrade Cockroach and Doctor Mercury’s ongoing love story, Hand In Unlovable Hand saw a dramatic change in art-style with Tuesday’s installment. One half me trying to emulate old 70’s Métal Hurlant comics and another half me finally getting the hang of this whole watercolor business, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s pages are the where this strange, blood-soaked love story finally began to feel right.

Next week, things are really going to go off the rails. More off the rails than Comrade Cockroach dying? Yes. Absolutely.

Monday saw the release of episode 170 of The Voice of Free Planet X, the first part of  my weird western”Big Damn Heroes,” Thief of My Heart. I’m doing something a little different with BDH, using the cold opens to provide a little more insight into individual characters without breaking up the narrative. So two very important characters, Queen, the smooth-talking gambler and Daji, the psychic who can see the future, got quite a bit of storytime. As they should, because they are fantastic.

Now, you of course are free to imagine whoever you want in roles of Queen and Daji when you listen to Thief of My Heart, but I had pictured Janelle Monae as Queen and Fan Bingbing as Daji when I was writing it. Take that how you will.

Starting Over

I was a job interview yesterday, and the interviewer pulled up my website to see some links to some of the journalism I’ve done recently. Rather than the usual, cleanly-designed hub of all things Jared Axelrod I had come to expect, what we found instead was series of ads hawking generic erectile dysfunction drugs.

Not the best foot forward, no.

I’ve had this problem before on my website, ever since I downloaded a free template that had a very sneaky bit of code embedded. I’ve deleted files and tracked down suspicious elements, but it was clear the only way to to truly make this thing go away was to burn down everything and start from scratch. So, here we are.

This happened, I should add, just one week after my hard-drive gave up the ghost without a proper back-up. Starting over has been a theme, recently

So with that in mind, welcome to the new, improved, Update your RSS feeds. I’ll be re-running a few “greatest hits” blog posts from years past, and then…who knows?

I’ve always wanted to do more with this site. Starting over is a perfect excuse to do that.