Comrade Cockroach


COMRADE COCKROACH ADVENTURES is a webcomic about a D-list supervillian.

Comrade Cockroach isn’t a hero, or even an anti-hero. He’s a villain, and not one of those cool, power-fantasy villains. He is a man who’s life has been defined by bloody, visceral failures since he donned a mask. He’s named after an insect no one would want in their homes. Plus, he looks like a shaved gorilla.

I can’t help but love him.

Ask Comrade Cockroach

ASK COMRADE COCKROACH is where the comic started, a weekly examination of that singular Cockroach POV, through questions sent in by readers and the occasion wandering into the larger, superpowered world he exists in.



TWO CORPSES is based on a Russian folk tale, which involves the dead rising and threatening to devour the living and all the stuff that makes these grizzly old ghost stories worth re-telling. Don’t worry if you’ve heard it before; putting Comrade Cockroach into such a tale alters it quite a bit.


THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY has everything: kidnapping, Major Ursa (Cockroach’s old companion in villainy, who can turn into a talking bear), ninjas, vengeful mothers, death, destruction, this one’s got it all!


THE SECRET ORIGIN OF COMRADE COCKROACH was a must, because you can’t have a super-powered character without a secret origin. But rather than talk about he got his powers, this story goes into his childhood.


HAND IN UNLOVABLE HAND is an exploration of the love affair between Comrade Cockroach and Dr. Mercury, a creation of my wife, J.R. Blackwell. While Comrade Cockroach is but one of Dr. Mercury’s many consorts, the two of them are just damaged enough in the right ways to make such a relationship worth documenting.