Celebrating Halloween in a comic where the title character wears mask all the time? But of course.

Two Corpses is based on a Russian folk tale, which involves the dead rising and threatening to devour the living and all the stuff that makes these grizzly old ghost stories worth re-telling. Don’t worry if you’ve heard it before; putting the Bad Comrade into such a tale alters it quite a bit.

Naturally, doing a comic where an brightly-colored hulk interacts with the monsters from folklore–not mention having “corpse” in the title–invokes Mike Mignola’s brilliant Hellboy, whether I like it or not. So I decided to whole-hog with it, turning the story into a Mignola homage, of a sorts. Which was way more fun than I was expecting.

Part 2 will show up tomorrow and Part 3 will be post on Halloween!