Personal Costumes

Some of the costumes I have made for myself, my family, and friends. The most recent work is at the top.

Stark IMG_4840 IMG_4833 Addams Family Your Wednesday Wednesday The Last Jedi There's a new Sorcerer Supreme in town! The First Avenger Girl Wonder I love this outfit so much, folks. #wonderwomanday Death Star Jacket is finished & looks great...but I think I'm too sick to wear it to the party tonight.Be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Tonight's Style I wear a mask so you know who I am Lightsaber necktie. Because what else was I going to wear to a @blacktribbles #StarWars party? Today's Style Happy Halloween At The Watchtower Captain America Capes For The Next Generation Of Superheroes Today's Style Wild Thing. Photo by J.R. Blackwell #wolverine #xmen #cosplay #animeexpo #ax2013 Do not approach the dog park. Photo by J.R. Blackwell #wtnv #welcometonightvale #ax2014 Today's Style The Luchador Project, Prototype #10: The Crimson Bat Luchador Project, Prototype #9: Luchasaurus Rex Today's Style Today's Style Luchadore Project, Prototype #8: Professor Xenagogue Yeah, That'll Do Today's Style Today's Style Anime Expo Today's Style Time Accessories Relative Dimension In Space D-man In Daylight Luchador Project, Prototype No. 6, Completed Mask Improvements. Now %500 More Comfortable! Today's Style The Rook's Nest Ask Me Captain Thunderclap I got frustrated, so I made a Green Arrow costume. Like you do. Today's Style DSC0303-XL The Power Of The Doughnut Master! Sky Guard Helmet Bulldog A Darker Shade of Cockroach Aquaman Barbarian The Members of PSEUDOPOD Luchadore From Hell Bat-Hoodie Time Travel Is Serious Business Polaroid Close-Up Professor Venomous Xenagogue Captain Jerry Launch Reading The dapper Mr Morris Cyclops Wolverine The Entertainer Harley Quinn cowl Father Nightroad & Otto Chriek Trolling Flash! Grendel, In Action Gaslight Wallcrawler ...They Don't Always Scream That Girl Is Poison The Bat The Goggles Are Important "At The Mountains Of Madness" Explorer An Extremely Stylish Hedgehog CRW_3831 Repulsor Rays Captain Falcon's Helmet Xavier's Pride Will Eisner's The Spirit My Sister, the Girl Wonder Rogue of the Air People Seem To Think You Can't Be Called the Cap'm Unless You Drive A Boat Batarang Robin, the Girl Wonder question1 The One True Black Adam All Smiles I Have Been Wanting One Of These... Go Team Venture! Wolverine Golden Age Angel Heroes13 Booster Gold...FINISHED!!! Starman green&black1 Brendan as The Riddler Alison as Poison Ivy 511660 375173 246494 175158 53013 76638 76643 91754 97834