Comics & Graphic Novels
The Battle of Blood & Ink, Tor, 2012
Sword and Larceny, Epic! Originals, 2021
Lyin’, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Epic! Originals, 2021
The Beauty of a Brick, Wonder Women of the World, DC Comics, 2021
Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, DC Comics, 2022

Short Stories
Favor Fishing, Corn Belt Almanac, 2015
Through The Dark Glass, Tales of a Tesla Ranger, 2014
To Whoever May Find This, May The Ferrymen Take You: Walk Through The Fire, Book 2, 2014
Lucky And Karate Robot Z, Trust Me: A Doll Anthology, 2014
The Gun With The Glass Chamber, The Way of The Gun: A Bushido Western Anthology, 2014
The Trouble With Phoenixes, Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurences, 2013
A Fist Full of Urseminites, Have Blaster, Will Travel, 2013
Don’t Work So Well, Gimme Shelter, 2012
The Curse of the Forward-Thinking Gentleman & What The Damned Owe, Podthology: The Pod Complex, 2010
Can’t Get There From Here, The Sovereign Era: Year One, 2010
Hoarding Colored Rags, Escape Pod, 2008
The Water’s Fine, Salt, 2007
In the Belly of the Desert, End of Time, 2007
Burning Angels, Neometropolis, 2006

Stories for 365 Tomorrows
1. Outer Space Romance
2. Last Resort
3. Fleet Of Ages
4. This World’s Not Built For Lovers
5. What Mechanics Do
6. Roll
7. The Life of the Venusian Cowgirl
8. Welcome to the Hotel Kraken
9. The Water’s Fine
10. Built To Last
11. Licensed
12. Favor Fishing
13. Curse
14. Who Forever Belongs To
15. The New Economy
16. The Uncanny Valley
17. In the Belly of the Desert
18. Mercy Mission
19. Invaded
20. The Dead Done Gone
21. How Much Will You Take?
22. Real Girls
23. In A Teapot
24. Perfectly Logical Explination
25. Hand And Fist
26. Waiting For Ironwine
27. The Bitter Kiss of the Ronin’s Cup
28. Made To Be Broken
29. Word Made Flesh
30. When The Dust Settles
31. Old Man’s Moon
32. This Year’s Aristogiton
33. In A Nest of Ice and Snow
34. Left
35. Hoist That Rag
36. Happily Ever After
37. Quitter
38. Nether Lands
39. The Horsemen of Carnaby Street
40. Object of My Desire
41. Walltalkers
42. Where The Heart Is
43. Chains of Commerce
44. Mongrels
45. Burning Angels
46. Wall of Cloth
47. Behind the Wire
48. Forward Motion
49. The Body is Made of Clay
50. Rocketer
51. Drudgery In Czech
52. Saturn Swallows Its Children Whole
53. Martian Bluff
54. The Difference Salt Makes
55. The Public Air
56. Antennae Don’t Blink
57. Trimming Back the Growth
58. Home Defense
59. The Final Voyage of Captain Shakespeare
60. Like A Stone
61. Red Letter Day
62. God of War
63. Son of Steel
64. The Purifying Flames of Burning Love
65. The Illuminated Man
66. Sense of Worth
67. Welcome to the Monkey House
68. Where the Wild Horses Run
69. Brietards
70. How To Snag A Muffin-Choker
71. The Fury of the Widowmaker
72. Tête á Tête
73. It’s the Same Old Song
74. It Comes In Waves
75. From the Top Down
76. Hoarding Colored Rags
77. In The Black Moriah’s Shadow
78.Devotion for Mechanics