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Voice of Free Planet X Shirt for October: I SURVIVED MONSTER ISLAND!

It’s October! That means a VoFPX shirt of the month! This one is based on the October 30th episode, Wolf Like Me!

But wait, you say. This is only October 1st. No one has had a chance to listen to Wolf Like Me yet! And, if you view time as a linear construct, that is certainly true. But I decided to roll out the shirt anyway, because it is, quite frankly, awesome.

Wolf Like Me takes place almost entirely on Mononoke, a island in the Pacific Rim that, due to  the unusually lethal nature of it’s flora and fauna, is more commonly referred to as….Monster Island!!!

They sell these shirts at the airport.

MonsterIslandColorRemember, this incredible shirt will be only available for the month of October!

MonsterIslandWomen MonsterIslandMen

Click either women’s or men’s cut above to order!

While you’re hanging out in the Voice of Free Planet X shop, feel free  to take a look at the VoFPX t-shirts, mugs and GPR totebags that are for sale. ‘Course, if you want that cool metallic VoFPX t-shirt, you’ll have to be a Patreon backer...