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Published on November 16, 2012 by in Station ID

This is Jared Axelrod

Today's Style

Hello. Has it really been nearly a year since I’ve done one of these? Wow.

This Is What He’s Made

-I’ve finished the audio podcast of Book 2 of my steampunk fantasy trilogy FABLES OF THE FLYING CITY, entitled MOUTHS OF THE DEAD. Book 1, ASHE OF THE AIR,  is still on the feed, should you want to start at the begining.

- The third book, THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK, is a graphic novel I did with the inestimable Steve Walker. It’s been published by Tor, and you can buy it now, if you like. To give you an idea of what that graphic novel is like, Tor has put up the first 2o pages free online. Steve and I have also done some mini-comics. We are comic-making machines.

- Speaking of such, my webcomic about an advice-giving supervillian, ASK COMRADE COCKROACH is currently on hiatus, but feel free to peruse the backlog. Might I recommend an example of his ongoing battle with the Bold Eagle, the Halloween adventure “The Two Corpses” or his thoughts on the inevitable darkness of the future.

-I made a 3-foot-tall space-bear puppet for for Galileo Games‘s BULDOGS! LARP. Captain Chubbs is one of the biggest puppets I’ve ever made, and easily my favorite. He’s got his own part of the website here.

The Bar Challenge
Photo by J.R. Blackwell

-Chubbs is the lead in a story I wrote for HAVE BLASTER WILL TRAVEL–check out that cover!Galileo Games‘s BULDOGS! fiction anthology. Galileo has also published GIMMIE SHELTER, which contains my particular take on the zombie trope. Chubbs is not in that story.

This Is How He Sounds

-In addition to my own podcast, I am frequent guest on other people’s, but none so much as The Roundtable Podcast. Dave and Brion have not only had me on as showcase writer and workshopper, but also as a guest host on the Roundtale’s NaNoWriMo Project. It’s great podcast, even the episodes that don’t have me.

- I was recently interviewed by no less than Mur Lafferty herself on I Should Be Writing. It’s always a blast to talk to her.

- If you were curious about my thoughts on the feel-good superhero hit of the summer, look no further than my conversation with Chris Miller and Dr. John Cmar about THE AVENGERS, over at the Secret Lair.

- I also was the voice of Coldcuts, in a promotional video for the amazing boardgame–and Kickstarter success story–VELOCIRAPTOR! CANNINALISM!


This Is Where He Is Online

Born Of An Atom Bomb is my tumblr/dumping ground for internet references for various projects.

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The Battle of Blood and Ink: A Fable of Flying City
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