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Lurker’s Guide to “To Stand In The Center”

Fables of the Flying City, Episode 35 “To Stand In The Center”

Scene: The docks of Amperstam, The Amperstam Circus

Characters involved: Ashe, Mari, Grayson

References: Grayson the trapeze artist is based somewhat on Charmion (pictured) a strongwoman, trapeze and strip-tease artist, and somewhat on one of my instructors back when I learned the flying trapeze myself (I imagine I don’t have to tell you where her name comes from).  Grayson’s line about standing in the center and not being swallowed by it is taken verbatim from clown Glen Henroy, in the amazing documentary CIRCUS.

Notes: I love the first part of Mouths Of The Dead, but I think this is where I started writing it as it’s own story and not as extension of what’s come before. Mouths Of The Dead has different rhythms than Ashe of the Air, and this is first time those differences start making themselves known.

This is also the spot where I realized the circus could not be the center of the story. I love the circus (I’ve performed in 3), and I will, someday, tell my Great Circus Novel. But Amperstam stories require a broader scope, so while it’s important that Ashe starts here, she’s got other places to be.

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