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Lurker’s Guide to “A Night At The Circus”

Fables of the Flying City, Episode 33 “A Night At The Circus”

Scene: The tunnels below Amperstam, The Redlaw Arms, The Amperstam Circus, and the Aerial Guard barracks.

Characters involved: Mukul, Olig, Provost Elderheim, Cardor Ashe, Popoff the Clown, Lax Harisha, Mari

References: The theater the Amperstam circus performs in is based on Astley’s Ampetheater, in London. Lockhood Allehander was inspired by Pablo Fanque, master equestrian and the first black circus proprietor in Britain.

Notes: Book 2: Mouths of the Dead begins here! A bold new chapter in the Fables of the Flying City Saga!

Book 2 was really supposed to be about the circus (it was not called Mouths of the Dead then). It turned out not to be–and is much better for it–but I’m glad we get a bit about the Amperstam Circus. Popoff was supposed to be a major character, a way of inserting myself into the story, but in the end, I think his one scene gives us all the Popoff we need. I’m sad that Lockhood doesn’t show up more, but like I said, the story is better in the direction it’s goes. In any case, what better place to start than the circus?

This is the first time Ashe wears what I consider her “costume,” i.e. what she wears in the graphic novel and all the promotional material Steve has drawn. The reason for her outfit, that she has literally destroyed all her other clothes, fits perfectly with the character.


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