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Prepare For The Battle of Blood And Ink

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Every day brings us closer to the release date of THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK, the graphic novel that Steve and I have been working on for the past five and half years. And every day I get a little more excited. I’m probably going to explode come May 8th.

As you may have noticed from the tag at the bottom of all of my blog posts, THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK is available for pre-order  Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and, I am certain, at your local bookstore or comic shop. Buy early and buy often, as I always say.

As we ramp up to the release of the book, Steve and I have a massive amount of goodies planned to get you as excited as we are. Book 2 of the Fables of the Flying City podcast, Mouths Of The Dead starts soon, bridging the gap between Book 1, Ashe of the Air, and the graphic novel. If you need a refresher on Book 1, it’s all still there under “Episodes” (I know some folks have been having trouble with the players, but that’s been taken care of), each with a dandy new Ashe of the Air cover image. We’ve also got a few more mini-comics that will go up before the graphic novel comes out, so keep your eyes out for those.

Steve and I also got a few appearances up our sleeves. We’ll be at Brooklyn Comics on May 5 (Free Comic Book Day, y’all!), doing a reading/signing at Barnes & Noble on the corner of 36th and Walnut on May 8th, and having a proper Amperstam party at Batlicon on May 25-28. More details on those to come.

So mark your calendars and fasten your seat belts. THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK is on it’s way!


The Battle of Blood and Ink: A Fable of Flying City
Pre-order available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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