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To Do List For Balticon

F riday
JR Blackwell Reading
10pm,  Pimlico

-Pick up suit from dry cleaning
-Make sure JR’s raygun is loaded


Fables of the Flying City Launch
2pm,  Chesapeake

-Print out Episode 1 to read
-Buy tea and cakes
-Pick up toys–ahem, models from Skott
-Print posters
-Prepare prizes
-Get sword and goggles back from Curio Theatre
- Decide on proper phrasing for Super Secret Awesome Announcement. Is “life changing” too much, in this context? I don’t think so…

New Media Sci-Fi/Fantasy Prom
11pm, the Derby

-Make mask
-Attach shoggoth
-Decide on pants.


Jared Axelrod Reading
12:30 pm, Pimlico

- Decide on pieces to read. I’m having trouble with this. Please leave any suggestion you have in the comments.

The TRUTH About The Universe (don’t believe anything we say) Panel
2 pm, Cheasapeake

-Practice lying authoritatively. I so don’t need any practice with that.

Girls Rules Live!
4 pm, Cheasapeake

- Prepare for the awesomeness that will be JR, Mur Lafferty, Christiana Ellis, Vivid Muse and Phillippa Ballantine all on the same panel. I can’t wait to be in the audience for this one.


What’s Steamy in New Media Panel
11 am, Derby
- Decide on whether or not the leather jacket is too outré. Perhaps I should stick to the bright blue floor-length overcoat…
- Contact whoever is moderating this panel
-Oh, wait. That’s me, isn’t it? I’m moderating this panel. I should come up with discussion points.
-Come up with discussion points.

 ….T minus 3

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