From the files of Special Tactical Action Response:
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Supervillian

Codename: The Cockroach. Known as “Comrade Cockroach” in US, (see ELLIS ISLAND SYNDROME, pg 43) but not his official codename

Civilian Identity: Lenin Davidovich Bronshtein

Status: Before it was dissolved, the USSR’s Vanguard Program (see LATERAL AGENCIES: VANGUARD PROGRAM, pg 675) official documents list The Cockroach as “failure.” (see LATERAL AGENCIES: VANGUARD PROGRAM, pg 676) He is currently operating independently (see LATERAL AGENTS, ROGUE, pg 21).

Sex: Male

Age: Impossible to tell (see COMRADE COCKROACH, MODIFICATIONS, this page). Appears to be early 30s

Nationality: Russian

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Training: Spetznaz,(see NON-LATERAL SPECIAL FORCES, RUSSIAN, pg 1 ) Vympel unit (see NON-LATERAL SPECIAL FORCES, RUSSIAN, pg 32). Trained in close hand combat, parachute jumping, diving, underwater combat techniques, tracking, climbing, and alpine rope techniques. Led several “liquidation” squads (see NON-LATERAL DEATH SQUADS, pg 41) before being selected for the Vanguard Program (see LATERAL AGENCIES: VANGUARD PROGRAM, pg 675). He is an expert close combatant in both hand-to-hand and knife styles.

Modifications: The Vanguard Program’s surgeons implanted two devices on Bronshtein’s spine: one that generates a personal gravity field (see LATERAL SCIENCES, GRAVITATION MANIPULATION, pg 154) and another that allows his cells to regenerate infinitely (see LATERAL SCIENCES, HEALING FACTORS, pg 27). The latter device is necessary due to the havok the former would normally wreck on his physiology. It also makes his age impossible to quantify, as the cell regeneration forces his body remain at the state it was in when it the device was first activated. His olfactory nerves were also enhanced (see LATERAL SCIENCES, NASAL ENHANCEMENTS, pg 8462).

Allies: Bronshtiein has fought alongside his Vanguard Program predecessors Major Ursa (see BEARS, HUMANOID pg 6) and VOSTOK 9 (see CYBORG, SOVIET pg 54) . He also teamed-up on multiple occasions with lateral scientist Dr. Mercury (see LATERAL SCIENCES: STARCHILDREN, pg 42, LATERAL SCIENCES, PRACTIONERS, pg 938, LATERAL SCIENCES, GENERAL, pg 47, LATERAL CRIMINALS, RED FLAGS pg 116), and the small-time thief Weasel (see LATERAL CRIMINALS, NON-THREATS pg 96). While Bronshtein has been seen fighting alongside the Headmaster (see LATERAL SCIENCES, CEREBELLUM EXPANSION pg 51, LATERAL SCIENCES, CRANIUM JARS, pg 34), there is no evidence that he is a member of  Defensive/Offensive Ordinance Mechanics (see LATERAL AGENCIES: D/OOM pg 1).

Nemeses: Though created specifically to kill the Bold Eagle (see LATERAL AGENTS, BOLD EAGLE pg 1), Bronshtein has also faced the Amazement Agency (see LATERAL AGENCIES, EXPLORATORY pg 39) and the unregistered adventurer known as Jack Rabbit (see LATERAL AGENTS, UNKNOWN pg 20).

Current Status: Reports say that Bronshtein as abandoned the lateral criminal life, and is currently making a living as retrieval expert (see NON-LATERAL CRIMINALS, THIEVES, pg 28). However, considering his  continued to attacks on Bold Eagle, despite several near-death experiences as a result (see LATERAL AGENTS, BOLD EAGLE pg 64, 78,79, 134, 159, 231, 275, 311, 312, 313, 456), it is unlikely he has truly abandoned his only mission (see LATERAL AGENCIES: VANGUARD PROGRAM, pg 676).