Captain Thunderclap appears, as promised. This muscular he-man wields no less than the hammer of Thor, but is no more than the well-meaning co-op volunteer you see before you! He likes fighting crime and reforming minions. He hates mad geniuses who corrupt innocents.

Which, as you might imagine, put him right up against noted minion-corrupters the Secret Lair!

This Balticon, witness a cross-over event like no other! It’s might vs right as the Secret Lair and Captain Thunderclap go head-to-head, with the lives and safety of minions in the balance! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!  6:00 pm in Derby.

The Secret Lair and the Cockroach-verse have come together before, but never like this!

Also, how cool is Chris Miller and Natalie Metzger’s awesome rendition of the Good Captain in the Secret Lair comic?  Cross-overs are so cool!